CDL Truck Driver Shortage!

What would it take to get you behind the wheel of a big shiny truck?

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CDL truck driver shortage. Trucking may come to mind as you drive down the on-ramp to the interstate and look in your mirror. You see nothing but shine and red. The shine is glaring so much in your mirror you are temporarily blinded. Then it happens, a big red Peterbilt with chrome from top to bottom passes by you in the hammer lane. You watch it slowly pulling away from you. You think, wow that was sweet looking! Keep reading truckingcdl for more info.

Get Paid to Train for a CDL

We drive the highways and interstates frequently. We have seen all the big trucks or (18) eighteen wheelers and wonder what it is like to drive one. I imagined it as a kid and always knew eventually I would drive a truck. It is a feeling like no other job. When I get behind the wheel of a truck the rush sets in. The power of the diesel engine purring under the hood. I can’t wait to get on the big road and get it into high gear. I double clutch my way to high gear and set the cruise control.

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CDL Truck Driver Shortage!
Getting your CDL is Easy!

Trucking on the mountains

Believe me when I say this. There is a CDL truck driver shortage. It is not difficult to get your CDL and make your dreams come true. When I turned 21 years old in 1974 you didn’t need a CDL. I drove a few years pulling tanker for my dad’s oil company. I loved driving the big trucks but an opportunity came up to own my own business and I went that way.

For almost 20 years I said I would never drive big truck again. Never say never! In 2000, I leased my business and decided to get my CDL. My experience years before didn’t matter. I needed to start from scratch.

Truck Drivers are in Demand!

Red 379 Peterbilt with van trailer

You may ask “Why trucking”?  Because the trucking industry needs drivers and trucking gets in your blood. There was and still is a shortage of drivers. To make a long story short I applied for a job hauling fireworks. It was within 5 miles of home and I knew the managers grandfather. I applied and got the job. They never asked for verifiable experience so I was in luck. This is how I started driving again. After 6 months I was eligible to drive for any company that wanted to hire me.

As you can see, it was not hard for me to get started again and it can be the same for you. In fact it is easier now. There are CDL Driving Schools across the country. A lot of colleges offer CDL courses also. Even trucking companies are offering classes.

Achieve Your Dreams

Tanker truck on highway

Trucking is fun. I can help you achieve your dreams of driving a big rig. Think about it, you could be Smashing Gears and Racking Miles on the big road in no time. It is an opportunity like no other and I can help you get in a big beautiful truck with chrome all over.