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My name is Steve McKenzie. I am the author and owner of truckingcdl. I grew up in the country outside of Chambersburg, PA. I still live in Chambersburg and work for a local Company 6 miles from home in Fayetteville, Pa.

My Father worked for the family oil company. The company was started by my Grandfather. My Father and his brother eventually bought the company. They had a few delivery trucks and one tanker transport when I was growing up.

I used to ride with my Father when delivering to farms and houses in the area. As the company grew they added another tanker transport and a few more delivery trucks. It’s fairly easy to see where trucking came into my life.

Steve McKenzie

When I turned eighteen I could drive the straight trucks delivering oil and kerosene only. When I turned twenty-one I could haul all products. Gasoline and diesel fuel deliveries to farmers in the surrounding area was a big part of the business.

In 1980 my Father and I bought a gas station and convenience store. I ran and managed this for nineteen years. After all these years the business was slowing due to competition, so I made a change.

I decided it was time to start trucking again. I bought a used tri-axle dump truck and started with a local company. Within a few weeks I had major problems with the truck. The local repair shop showed me all the problems. These were all problems I had not noticed when I purchased it. I took it back and they gave me my money back.

I went back to the repair shop which is also a Western Star dealer and ordered a new 1999 tri-axle dump truck. I did this for 3 years delivering specialty products to the steel industry in the tri-state area. It was hard work. I started my days at 2- a.m. and worked until finished. Some days I didn’t finish until 6 p.m. It was rough because of the lack of sleep. I finally sold the truck in 2002 and moved on.

Trucking was in my blood and in 2004 I started delivering trucks for Jerr Dan Corporation. They were located in Greencastle, Pa which is fifteen miles from Chambersburg. I was an Independent Contractor for other Driveaway companies. I loved this job. I was delivering new rollbacks and wreckers all over the country. I had a tow car I pulled along to get me to another truck somewhere near where I delivered.

This was much different because I would stay in a motel every night. I always got a good night’s rest and always made my deliveries on time. In fact, most of the time I delivered early. It was an excellent job. I got to see the entire country and was paid well for my services. I traveled in 48 states and Canada.

This job slowed because of the recession starting in 2008. By 2009 I was looking for another job. I decided I needed to upgrade from a Class B license to the Class A to get a better job. I applied and received it along with the Hazmat endorsement.

I went to work for a Fireworks company with a warehouse in Chambersburg. I delivered fireworks around the tri-state area for a year. This was the first I ever pulled a 53 ft. van trailer. This was different, and it gave me the experience I needed to move on. Because fireworks are a seasonal job I needed something more consistent.

In 2010 I started to work for a local flat bed company. It was a good job for a few years, but they did not pay very well.

Flatbed Trucking

In 2016 I switched to another local company driving a tri-axle dump truck again. This company is the best I have ever worked for. They treat their employees with respect and pay well also. We only work six (6) months a year and are laid off the other six months. I draw unemployment when laid off and have my medical insurance for the entire year.

I noticed in all my years of trucking, companies were hiring. Most all trucking companies, large and small have ads on their trailers looking for drivers. This is when I knew I could help you get a CDL. The shortage of truck drivers lives on. The industry is looking for good qualified drivers.

You can find everything you need on truck driving here. It is a great career for anyone willing to get behind the wheel of a big truck. You can be smashing gears and racking miles within weeks.

You can contact me if you have any questions. I am willing to help and give advice on your trucking career.

2007 Mack Tri-axle

In all the years that have passed I have also had a passion for the internet. I knew years back there were opportunities on the internet. I was always looking at diverse ways to start a business online.

Through my searches and failed attempts at different ideas I came across SiteSell.com. I did my due diligence and liked what I saw. I kept researching SiteSell and realized this was what I was looking for. It has taken a while for me to get everything started. I have had to do much reading and trial and error to get this far. I will say it has been worthwhile and I am looking forward to retirement in the very near future.

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