Big Rig Chrome Shop!

Truck with chrome all over

There are thousands of different products available. Make your truck stand out above the other Big Rigs. You can make a lasting impression with chrome. Be creative and look different than the other big trucks on the road. Stand out from the others.

Chrome Wheel Covers

Eighteen wheeler chrome wheel cover

From the outside to the inside, chrome is available. You can redo common dash buttons with chrome. Truck chrome comes in many shapes and sizes. Wheel and hub covers are a great example. They will add the ultimate look at first glance. Then they will notice the rest of the truck. 

When I bought my first truck it came with some chrome. The wheels were polished aluminum, but the hubs needed more than black paint. It was like a plain Jane if you know what I mean. I needed more chrome shining from it. I started shopping for chrome.

I found photos of trucks with chrome wheels and nut covers that looked fantastic. I knew this was what I needed to purchase.

Make Your Truck Look Fantastic!

I called the dealer where I purchased my truck. They said they could get me anything I needed. This was in 1998 when I purchased a brand new Western Star Tri-axle dump truck. In 1998 choices were limited on the internet. Therefore, I contacted my dealer.

Once I received my parts and installed them the truck took on a whole new look. It was all black with red and blue insignia's on the hood. It made my truck look so much better.

Click for Train Horns for your Big Rig! Read about them and purchase them to make your truck sound even bigger.

Big Rig Chrome Shop!

Nowadays it is easier than in the past. There is so much semi-truck chrome available.


Light Up the Truck!

Red lenses clearance markers

When it comes to lighting there is an endless supply. There are lights for trailers and trucks. if you are a light fanatic then decorate your truck and trailer to the max.

There are red, amber and white. They come in packs ranging from 10 to 50. They even have smoked colored lights. These are ¾” round lights. The brightness is 60 lumens. They are waterproof, shock and dust proof. They are high quality LED with 100,000 hours of life.

Check the price on these bulk lighting offers. It is amazing how cheap they are! Most of the items offered come with free shipping also.


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