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Become The Very Best CDL Truck Driver!

Some of the best CDL truck driving jobs are available. But keep in mind that the very best drivers usually get them. This does not mean you can’t get them. It means getting the experience first. You gain the expertise and experience after you have been on the road a few years. You can get anything you want if you put the effort towards it.

For example, tank trailer drivers are higher paid than the usual refrigerated van.

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Best Income Earning Jobs!

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Truck with 53 ft. step deck loaded with crane parts

Here is a list of the best CDL truck driving jobs in terms of income in the United States;

·         Tanker without hazmat - used for water, food grade, dry bock, livestock feeds, etc.

·         Tanker with hazmat - used for hauling petroleum products, chemicals, nuclear, etc.

·         Over-Sized - used for loads that require escorts and flagging front and rear

·         Car carriers - for hauling new or used and specialty vehicles

·         Team Driving - you share the driving and bunk time with another person 

·         Over the Road (OVR) - on the road days/weeks at a time. See the country

·         Driver Training Instructor you ride along with an instructor

Get The Hazmat Endorsement?

Truck and tanker coming down McConnellsburg, PA mountain

As you can see, they each have their challenges and/or drawbacks.

Not all tank driver positions require hazmat but without it you are limited. If you only get the tanker endorsement, then you can’t haul hazmat. You will still need the hazmat endorsement.

Pulling eight to nine thousand gallons of gasoline is a dangerous job. When I was hauling gasoline we called it “Liquid Dynamite”!  It requires your undivided attention and patience. One wrong move could cause a catastrophe.  Many lives are at stake including your own.

I have seen the destruction a gas tanker can cause. It happened in my home town of  Chambersburg, PA in front of a new and used car dealer years ago. It burned and destroyed over 40 cars. Worse than that the driver of the truck was burned live.

Three Different Types of Tankers!

There are three different types of tanker trailers;

  • Bulkheads - have compartments that separate the products.
  • Baffles - similar to bulkheads but have holes to slow motion of product
  • Smoothbores - open from front to rear for sanitation purposes

Food Grade Tankers!

Many of the food grade tanker trailers have no baffles inside. This leads to sloshing of the load, also called liquid surge. This added hazard causes rollovers on turns and exit ramps. It is also more difficult when stopping. You need to increase your following distance in traffic.

Hazmat or Petroleum Tankers!

Flammable placard

Petroleum tanker trailers used for diesel fuel, kerosene and gasoline have baffles and bulkheads. They have different compartments that range in different sizes. This gives the added ability to haul off road diesel fuel in one compartment and highway diesel fuel in another. Kerosene can also be hauled on these loads.

Car Carrier Drivers!

United car carrier

Car Carrier Drivers must be very careful to not damage the vehicles. There is very little room for error when loading and unloading vehicles.

Hauling brand new vehicles is a way to see the new styles and models. You can learn a lot about the vehicle if someone asks. Usually you will be required to load and unload. Many of the new car dealers are located in major cities such as Washington DC or Atlanta. You can find yourself unloading vehicles on a street or in a tight parking lot.


Team Driving!

Western Star O/R Tractor

Team Driving is exactly what it says. You share a truck on trips. One driver can sleep while the other person drives. This keeps the wheels turning and the miles add up quickly. This is especially true if you are driving coast to coast.

The biggest concern with team driving is finding someone you can get along with. Someone that possibly shares your views on various aspects of the job. If one of you only showers every few days as opposed to everyday, this could cause problems. Many times, I have seen husband and wife teams which would be great.

Over the Road Drivers (OTR)

Western Star O/Rd Truck

Over the Road Drivers (OTR) can be a genuine experience. CDL truck driving jobs have great opportunities attached to them. I have seen the country in many ways. We live in a very beautiful country. When driving in the Midwest you may see nothing for miles except other vehicles.

As an over the road driver you will get lots of miles with the right company. Most of these jobs pay by the miles. The more miles you drive the more money you make.

Driver Training Instructor!

Driver Training Instructors get paid extra over and above their regular pay to teach other drivers. You would teach a new student or graduate all that’s needed to drive a big rig. I have met several instructors and all seem very professional at their job.

A trucking instructor will have a clean driving record and a set number of years’ experience to qualify. You may be with someone for up to six weeks at a time. Cdl truck driving jobs are available. Look for the best and train well.

CDL Truck Driving Jobs!

United car carrier loaded

Become the best driver. Drive safely and be in control. Have a positive attitude on the road. Do not let other drivers intimidate you. Only you can make the decision to remain cool at all times. Trust me, it will save you a lot of grief. A safe driver is a better driver.

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