Company Sponsored CDL Training is the Best! 

Receive Everything Needed in 3-6 Weeks!

Company sponsored CDL training is the best in my opinion. There are several different options available to acquire your CDL. You will receive everything you need in 3-6 weeks.

Company sponsored training gets you everything. The education and training you need to graduate with a job. They will provide hands-on training. You will have classes to prepare for the exam. The exams can be difficult but with classes you will learn faster and easier.

Company Sponsored CDL Training Gets You in A Big Rig!

Tractor trailerCDL Truck Driving School!

After you graduate you will have a job driving a big rig. The company sponsored cdl training will provide you with a late model truck to practice driving skills. This will of course involve an instructor riding with you in the beginning.

Company training has many advantages. They will usually pay for your tuition if you agree to work for them for a certain period. If you opt out of the agreement they may require you to reimburse them for the tuition.  The biggest plus to this type of cdl training is the hands-on experience.


Everything To Get You Started!

Most company sponsored programs will give you everything you need to drive for them.

·         Free tuition (with agreement to work a specified time for them)

·         Hands on experience in a tractor trailer (accompanied by a trainer)

·         A company driver trainer to ride with you for a period

·         Eventually you will drive the big rig on your own

·         They will always have freight for you

·         Steady pay check

·         Health insurance (offered by most companies with or without fees to you)

Company training often requires little or no upfront costs. This will of course come with obligations and/or conditions. It usually requires you to work for them for one year. This is only possible if you earn your CDL and meet the guidelines of the company training you.

Getting A CDL With No Training!

You can get a cdl on your own without any training. You only need to apply and get the permit. You still must pass the written exam and the driving exam. This means you must have access to a truck and trailer to take the driving exam. This is great if you have access to these and pass the exam, But......Please read below! 

Truck pulling flatbed with tarped load

Pay Attention To This Paragraph!

But, and this is a big one! 

When you apply for a job you will need to provide verifiable driving experience. In this case, you will have none. Most companies want a minimum of three months driving experience within the last year. Many other companies want six months or more driving experience within the last year.

With the Company Sponsored CDL training you will earn your experience. If you drive for them for 6 months or a year then you are qualified. You have the option to apply elsewhere. If you have had no accidents or driving violations this is a big plus. Once you have your CDL and a safe driving record you can apply anywhere.

Driving a big truck requires much attention. Be a safe and courteous driver. Do not let the four-wheelers and other truck drivers distract you. Keep a cool head and ignore the a_ _holes out there. It will pay huge dividends for you in the future.

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