Dash Cams

Dash cams are essential in every vehicle I drive. I started using them in 2010. My main reason was to record the on ramps. I discuss this in “Safe Driving Tips”. When vehicles enter an on ramp they expect you to yield to them. Of course, we all know who has the right of way!

I have never had an occasion where I used it for anything. I have reviewed different incidents that occurred. I remember five deer in VA early in the morning. I was on my way to Lynchburg, VA for a load of pipe.

I was moving about 60 mph on VA Route 29 at 4 a.m. when it happened. Later that morning I reviewed the video. I was amazed at how well the video had recorded those five lucky deer. I barely missed them!

Record Front and Rear!

I have peace of mind when I know everything is being recorded. With a dash cam you are recording everything in front of you. This is if you only have one camera. You could install cameras just about anywhere on your vehicle.

Last year I purchased a backup camera that’s in sync with my Garmin GPS. When I shift into reverse it automatically puts the reverse camera on the screen. I drive a tri-axle dump truck and backing is about all I do on most days.

We seal and coat roads for different townships in several states. I am in reverse on the roads until it is my turn in the chipper. When backing I want to make sure there is no one or anything in my path. It gives me piece of mind knowing what’s behind me.

Dash Cams Give You Peace of Mind!

My dash cam gives me peace of mind. It helps to make me a safer and better driver. Safe driving is essential in a big truck. Remember, everyone wants to blame the truck. With it you will have proof, especially if it's not your fault. 

Keep a safe distance in front of you. Let the other vehicles cut in front, It is not a big deal. Just fall back a little farther and keep on trucking. You will still be on time. It's always better to be late than have an accident. Safety is of the utmost importance.

It can be difficult at times to stay cool. Keep in mind that you control your attitude. Keep it in check with reality and be the best driver out there.

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