ELD Functions!

I have only listed the most important ELD functions for drivers. There are many other ELD  functions that are used. I am only covering what the driver needs to know. Trucking companies must know much more about what is obtained from their ELD’s and how to access the information.

ELD certified unit

ELD Must Record This Info!

The ELD automatically records data elements at certain intervals;

  • Date and time
  • Location
  • Engine hours
  • Vehicle miles
  • Driver ID
  • Vehicle ID
  • Company name

ELD Functions Every Hour!

The ELD must record this information every 60 minutes when the vehicle is moving. It also records the engine starting and stopping and changes of duty status.

GPS Records

The ELD will not be able to determine exactly which street or route you are on, but it will give a nearby location. The location will be a city or town nearby in miles and the state.

When the driver is logged in as on-duty it will give your location within a mile of accuracy. It will also synchronize the engine status for power, vehicle motion, miles driven and hours.

Hours of Service Limits!

ELD electronic logging device

The ELD may have a feature to warn drivers of upcoming hours of service limits. It is not required so you must always be aware of your duty status.

The ELD must automatically record the vehicle in motion when you reach 5 mph or more.

Depending upon the model of ELD the driver must be able to access their records of duty status. It can be from a screen display or a printout.

Team Drivers!

Team drivers must be able to display the status of each person logged into the system.

If you purchase your own ELD you need to make sure it is;

  • Self-certified by the manufacturer to be compliant.
  • The ELD must be registered and listed on the FMCSA website.

If Your ELD Malfunctions!

If the ELD stops working or malfunctions there are several things you need to do;

  • You must provide written notification to your company within 24 hrs.
  • Rewrite your last 7 days on duty with the old-style log book or have a copy of the last 7 days available either by printout or from the ELD.
  • You must continue to use paper logs until the ELD is serviced and in compliance.

No More Paper Logs!

Remember, the ELD records your duty status. This eliminates the need for paper logs. You do not have to remember where you were and what time you were there. In my opinion it makes my job much easier. I know there are many other drivers who disagree and I understand.

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