Local Truck Driving Jobs and Family Home Time

Good paying jobs with benefits and career oriented!

Local truck driving jobs are the most sought after. At least it seems that way. This is what I wanted after a few years of driving all over the country.

My first local job was a Jockey Driver for a warehouse. This is one job where you better be good at backing. You jockey trailers all over the yard, in and out of the docks. When the warehouse calls for a trailer they want it yesterday.

With a local truck driver job you are home every day. You may have the same run every day or it may change. You may or may not start at the same time every day.

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Local Truck Driving Jobs!
Happy Wife - Happy Life!

Family time

Local truck driving jobs give you family time also. This is very important if you are young and especially if you are married. You may already have children or planning on having children. Remember this, “Happy Wife, Happy Life”!

I live in Chambersburg, PA. The local companies I drove for were within these states. They included PA, MD, WV, VA, NY, NJ, DC and DE. From Chambersburg it is sort of a midway point for all the listed states. Of course, VA was only the northern part and NY was only the eastern part.

Current Local Owned Companies!

If you are thinking of a local truck driving job you may know many of the local companies. This is the best opportunity to visit them personally. A good way to know about a particular company is to talk to current drivers. They will normally tell you what they think of the company.

I actually visited some of the local companies. I would talk to drivers who were just returning home from their day on the road. Keep in mind, don’t just rely on one employee’s response. He may be a disgruntled employee or thinks he deserves more than he is getting. Talk to as many as possible. Ask many questions.

Local Driver Advantages!

Advantages of local truck driver jobs;

  • Home daily or several times a week
  • Family time
  • Drive for a local company
  • Specific routes daily or weekly

A local truck driver usually gets paid by the hour. There are a few that pay by the load. Getting paid by the hour is much better. As a local truck driver you may have to deliver to a large city like Washington DC. If you are caught in a major traffic jam you are still being paid.My last job was delivering to Washington DC and surrounding areas. Washington DC is listed as one of the 10 worst cities in the country for traffic congestion.

Higher Paying Companies!

UPS tractor trailer

Some of the best local truck driving jobs are;

  • UPS
  • Fed Ex
  • YRC "Yellow Roadway Company"
  • Schneider Trucking
  • JB Hunt

Every company listed above also has OTR jobs. Schneider and JB Hunt are also big in the railroad yards. Rail yards are being built everywhere. The trains bring containers to the yard and then trucks haul them to their final destination.

You would drive to a local rail yard, pick up a container already on a trailer and deliver it. It may go to a warehouse, store, etc. Then you would most likely bring an empty back with you.

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