Safe Driving Tips!

Safe driving tips come in many forms. Just about everything you will read here is common sense. I have driven a few million miles in my 40 plus years of driving. During this time I have made a conscious effort to drive safely. Safe driving tips are essential to keeping a clean driving record.

Traffic Signal Safety is another must read

Tailgating Is Not The Answer!

Don't tailgate

I know many think “look at the idiots and a_ _holes out there”. Yes, this is very true. Keep in mind that you and I do not want to be one of them. Tailgating for revenge is not the way to handle the situation either. Think about what upsets you most. Do what you know will be safe.

On-Ramp Revenge?

The on-ramps are a great example. I want to keep on moving and run over them if they come out. Trust me, I can’t get over for them to merge. You have two choices in this situation. The safe choice is to slow down and let them merge. If you don’t there is the possibly they will keep coming. I think you know as well as I that they will. If I hit them I could kill someone. This is not something I ever want to do. Safe driving tips keep you aware more often.


A Split Second Is To Late!

Get out of the fast lane moron

Here’s one that makes me sick to my stomach. A big rig barreling down the road at 60-70 mph with a four-wheeler 3 or 4 feet off their front bumper. We’ve all seen it. Trust me on this! If the four-wheeler decides to lock up his brakes instantly, the truck will hit them. The truck driver does not know when it will happen. They will only have a split second to react. Sorry, but they are too late. You will hit them and/or cause a major accident. Either way, you are at fault for following to close! More on safe stopping distances here.

As I write this it makes me think of how much time was involved thinking and writing. In any of the scenarios above it would have happened in a split second! Wow, no time to think. Remember this the next time you hear a truck driver tell you he can get stopped if needed. Bull, think again! It only takes a split second to know you are in the wrong!


Texting and Driving!

Don't text and drive

Texting takes an average of 4.6 seconds! While reading or writing the text you will travel 371 feet at 55 mph! Don’t text and drive, it’s that simple!

Read more about Texting and Driving here.

Mobile Phone Restrictions!

Click here for Mobile Phone Restrictions and the fines associated with it.

Safe Driving Tips - What If!

I always like to reflect on the “What If” scenario. What if my following to close caused an accident? What if someone was killed because of my carelessness? What if it was a family of three, four or five children? What if I killed just one? What if there were no deaths but major injuries such as paralysis.

Remember, I would have to live with this on my mind forever. I personally knew an individual that this happened too. It was back in 1999. The truck driver hit another car in the rear. It killed two of the children and severely injured the mother driving. One child was hers and the other was a friend of her daughter’s. The last I heard the truck driver was on suicide watch. He lost his CDL for at least 5 years and his trucking company went out of business because of lawsuits. 

Keep safe driving tips in the back of your mind always. You never know.

Read how Dash Cams can be a great witness for you!

Major City Beltways!

I-270 in Washington DC

I have driven in many large cities throughout the USA. I spent a lot of time in Washington DC for 5 years. This was between 2010-2015. Talk about traffic! DC is usually in the top 10 of worst cities for traffic.

I have found the best way to drive in city traffic is to find one lane and stick with it. Especially if you have three or more lanes. I like the center if no other trucks need around.

I always keep an extremely safe distance with the vehicle in front of me. This allows others to merge in front of you. Trust me on this, if they want over they will come. It doesn’t matter how close or how far away from the traffic you are. It is not wise to try and keep the vehicle from merging because you will lose concentration on other factors. Ones like watching your mirrors and sudden traffic stoppages. If you are caught off guard trying to keep someone from merging you may cause an accident. Safe driving tips keep you on top of your game!

I'm Number One!

Have you ever been in the situation where you make eye contact and flip the bird? I used to do this all the time. Guess what? I have found in my later years to ignore the eye contact. I do not look at an individual driver if they or I do anything wrong. I keep my eyes away and keep driving. I have found that this is the best medicine.

It may be that you cut someone off by accident because of a blind spot. It may be their fault. Either way I find it more rewarding to not look, not call the other driver number one and keep on moving. Chances are they will do the same.

The only person I ever upset 100% is myself. I decided not to punish myself anymore and keep moving on to my destination. Not stooping to their lower level makes everyone else a better person.

Drug and Alcohol Testing!

Drug and alcohol testing is all about safety. It helps keep the driver and the public safer. To learn more about Drug and Alcohol Testing click here.

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