Traffic Signal Safety!

Use Traffic Signal Safety when approaching traffic signals and be prepared. I am always aware of the signal ahead. If it has been green during my approach then I can assume it is going to change. I always try to prepare myself to stop. I never assume it will stay green.

Traffic signal

When I am sitting at red lights I watch other traffic. It is amazing how many people run through red lights. This is an accident waiting to happen. It occurs at almost every light change.

When you are driving a tractor trailer your truck may make it safely through the intersection, but you must remember the trailer. Many drivers think they are safe only to find someone hitting their trailer. You can never assume it is safe. Everyone knows they are illegally going through on red.

Timing the Light!

If you run a dedicated route everyday then you know the signals better. If you noticed, certain hours of the day work different with the timing of the lights. In the middle of the night the lights seem less apt to change on main streets and thruways. When rush hour is upon us, it tends to change more frequently.

Many cities synchronize theirs lights. This seems much better if you catch the perfect moment to get all green. The problem is they could change rapidly and then you are caught in a catch 22 again.

Be Prepared for Traffic Signal Safety!

Watching the signals from a distance can tell you a lot about what is about to happen at most intersections. If the light is red and the left turn signals are green you may think the next cycle will be green for you. If it is then good. Better to be prepared in case it isn’t your green signal next. Use Traffic Signal Safety everytime.

Do Not Block the Interection!

Please do not block the intersection. This is another problem at lights. Everyone wants to make it through the green light. If traffic is heavy and backed up then you should wait before entering the intersection. Blocking the intersection for your advantage is selfish. No one from the left or right can go if the intersection is blocked. This causes road rage and horn blowing.

When approaching an intersection always beware of the traffic situation. Stop before you enter the intersection to avoid blocking it. If you are hooked to your trailer it takes more feet to clear the intersection. I always sit and wait at the intersection until I know I can move forward and stop without blocking it. Being courteous goes a long way towards a better day. Someone somewhere will be doing the same thing. Think about your traffic signal safety.

Right Turn on Red!

You must also be aware of traffic turning on red while you are entering on a green light. If they see a truck coming they are more likely to turn in front of you. They do not want to be behind you. This is the main reason truck drivers have problems with cars and suv’s. They do not want to follow a truck. They can’t see what’s ahead.

Please Use Caution!

Please use extreme caution with traffic signals. Everyone on the roads wants to make it home safely. You only lose a few minutes with red lights. It isn’t worth the chance of harming or killing someone else or yourself.

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