Train Horns!

Train horns are the coolest thing on a truck. When you hear them, you think it’s a freight train. No way, it’s usually a Big Truck barreling down the highway in the opposite direction.

They will attract attention quicker than anything else. The driver that has one is always eager to blow it. Waiting until the best time is always rewarding to the driver and everyone else within hearing distance.

Please keep in mind that blowing them at a railroad crossing is definitely a no-no! 

Train Horn Installation!

Train horn

You will rarely see them installed in the open. They can be hidden under the truck anywhere there is room. The reason for hiding them is the legality of them.

Make sure you check the laws of the states you drive in. Every state has different laws pertaining to the use of loud horns. The law usually states the maximum decibels allowed and their purpose. A train horn emits sound at 130-150 decibels.

Check Your States Regulations!

Some states do not allow the horn to operate when the vehicle is in motion. Other states have restrictions as to their use. Some only allow them as an anti-theft alarm.

All horns range in price. You can get them in black or chrome. They come as a set of three or four horns. You can purchase them with or without an air compressor. Of course, if you are installing the horns on a big truck then you will not need the air compressor.

I would only buy black because I would be hiding them under the truck somewhere. Chrome horns would rust very fast under the truck. 

I would also hide them because visibility could warrant a traffic stop. The last thing you want in a big truck is to be stopped for any reason. They could surely find something wrong and possibly ticket you or even worse put you out-of-service. 

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Do you know where the word for horn “honking” came from. Blowing a car horn excessively for anything other than a warning is considered Honking. You could possibly be issued a citation for Honking. This is irritating to say the least.

Honking is something new I found while writing this article. I never knew this is the definition.

Use your best judgement and email me with your thoughts and experiences.

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