Truck Driving!

Truck Driving can get in your blood!

Do you want to drive a semi-truck, best known as a big rig? You can do it without any prior knowledge. You do not need a college degree although many truck drivers have college degrees.

All you need is a good clean driving record. You must be at least 21 years old and hopefully have several years of driving history. If you have any violations on your record you will need to do some research.

A Good Career!

Truck pulling tanker on open road

If you are single and looking for a good career, then check it out. Going through the process of getting a CDL is not difficult. The biggest obstacle is getting experience. You will eventually need enough time of “verifiable tractor trailer driving experience”. I cover all this on my website.

As I write this article there is a demand for 900,000 more truck drivers in the next 10 years. There are several reasons why there is a shortage. The biggest factor is aging drivers. The average age of truck drivers is 55.

Women Needed Also!

Another thing to consider is that women only account for 6% of the driving force. We need more women to step up and drive. Women make up a big part of the work force in the United States. As of 2017 about 47% of women are working. So, 6% is a very small percentage for truck drivers.

Lifetime Employment! Truck Driving!

Truckstop parking

Believe it or not, 68-70% of all freight is moved on our highways. You could become a part of this movement of freight. The job pays well and can give you a lifetime of employment. It can keep you busy behind the wheel of a semi-truck for many years. Just think about this. Even if you are working and driving a company truck you are still on your own at work. You will not have a boss looking over your shoulder on every move. Sure, there will be a dispatcher keeping tabs on you, but not in the truck with you.

Safety and Performance Driven!

Work for a good company who rewards its drivers on safety and performance. Don’t take a job simply because it pays well. There are many other things to look at. Talk to other drivers who work at the company you are researching. They will give you the best reference.

Single or Married!

tractor trailer on the horizon

If you are young and married and your wife and you are not planning on children right away then consider team driving. This would be a great way to earn a very good income and still be a normal couple. If you had an over the road driving job this could be terrific. Think about the places you and your wife would like to visit together. You could look for loads going in the direction of your dreams.

Maybe you have dreams of going to Yellowstone Park or some other location. Look for a load going near there. Once you deliver the load you could have a prearranged rental car waiting and drive to your desired destination. It would be like a vacation and a job that you could love.

Team Drivers!

Team drivers make very good money. As of this writing the average is anywhere from $50,000-75,000 each per year. I am sure there are companies that pay more. Again, it is a matter of doing your homework.

Minimum Manual Labor!

Most truck driving jobs do not require manual labor. Of course, if you are delivering heavy equipment or machinery you may have some chains and binders to tend too. These are not hard to use. I did it for 5 years with a bad back. The younger you are the more able you are to do other things.

If you are hauling something like food products in a van trailer you will have it made. It will probably be 95-100% drop and hook. If you have a load near where you dropped your previous load you will make even more money. Again, it depends on the company. Some pay dead head miles and others do not.

More Manual Labor!

Keep In mind that hauling equipment that is not oversized can be rewarding and easy. As a husband and wife or boyfriend and girlfriend team this would be no problem. If one of the team could not perform the necessary procedures to secure the load the other could. You are working as a team and a couple which makes it more rewarding.

Tarped Loads!

tractor trailer with tarped load

In my opinion, the hardest truck driving jobs are tarping. Tarping a load on a flatbed trailer requires strength. The tarps are not light, especially the big ones. Some loads would require being on top of the load with the tarp. This is one job you should get instructions and/or lessons on how to do it properly.

I never did tarp loads. I have a bad back and would never risk it. Climbing on top of a load that goes 10 or 12 feet high would also be very risky for me. I do know many men and a few women who do it on a regular basis. They have no problem with it.

Positives and Negatives!

Every job has its positives and negatives. Every person is also in control of their own thoughts and feelings. All you need is a good attitude towards life in general. If you look at your glass as half full all the time you will achieve more.